Roots for Growth Inspirational Cards


  • A beautiful, unique deck of 55 colourful cards created by Anna Bell
  • Inspired by the themes of the book ‘Roots for Growth’
  • Use in a variety of ways for inspiration, reflection, and self-discovery
  • Explore each card, words, and picture in meaningful ways

'Roots for Growth’ is a metaphor for finding what you need within yourself. My inspirational cards and book focus on the themes of resilience, mindful living, and learning and growing through changes which we all encounter in life.  

I have lovingly created this beautiful, unique set of cards which can be used for coaching, workshops, readings, self-reflection, and daily inspiration. It’s an insight into how I see the world, appreciating all the beauty and colours of nature, being in the moment, and living life to the full.

The cards all have different photos, doodles, and words that aim to spark curiosity and connect you with what’s important in your life. Some cards have positive, uplifting messages, and some offer prompts for reflection and action if it feels relevant.

Each pack is presented in a colourful box, and are professionally finished on luxury card. They're ideal as a thoughtful gift for someone else, for a class or group, or to treat yourself to something which will bring lasting benefits.

What people are saying after buying these inspirational cards

"I bought the first pack for me! They sit on my desk and every morning I choose one! I leave it on my desk whilst I’m working and it just reminds me to stop and reflect every so often. To be honest, they are beautifully positive cards. I’m really loving them. So I bought a second pack for a friend's Christmas, as I know she’ll love them too." Karen Wells

"Anna has used all her own photos and artwork to produce a lovely set of inspirational cards. My students all found them really relevant and they loved them. I also used the cards at a retreat." Morag Wylie, Sound Balance Scotland

"These beautiful and inspiring cards are full of doodles, quotes and beautiful pictures to invite you to be creative and think about what it means for you. It was a real joy to sit quietly with a cuppa looking through them." Katrina from KJ Counselling. Katrina has used the cards often with clients, and says they help them to find words for how they are feeling

"They are wonderful, just what I needed as a pick-me-up today!"

"Thanks so much for the cards. They are fabulous and sure to be useful for my retreats and workshops."

"They are absolutely beautiful... I'm going to enjoy using them as an aid for reflective practice."

"I will be packing up your lovely book and a set of cards …they will be flying over to a good friend in New Zealand."

I have also had a few people tell me they're using the cards with their children, and some are being used in schools.



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