Roots for Growth Inspirational Cards


  • A beautiful, unique deck of 55 colourful cards created by Anna Bell
  • Inspired by the themes of the book ‘Roots for Growth’
  • Use in a variety of ways for inspiration, reflection, and self-discovery
  • Explore each card, words, and picture in meaningful ways

'Roots for Growth’ is a metaphor for finding what you need within yourself, and focuses on the themes of resilience, mindful living, and learning and growing through changes in life.  

I have lovingly created this beautiful, unique set of cards that can be used for coaching, workshops, readings, self-reflection, and daily inspiration. It’s an insight into how I see the world, appreciating all the beauty and colours of nature, being in the moment, and living life to the full.

The cards all have different photos, doodles, and words that aim to spark curiosity and connect you with something that’s important to you, either because it can be useful to remember the positives, or because it could be something to pay attention to and develop if it feels relevant.

Presented in their own box, and professionally finished, these are ideal as a thoughtful gift for someone else, for a class or group, or to treat yourself to something which will bring lasting benefits.


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