Roots for Growth Book


  • Discover greater self-awareness
  • Your hidden depths of your own strengths
  • Feel uplifted
  • Embrace new positive practices
  • Live a more mindful and fulfilled life

This book is an invitation to connect with yourself and all the potential that lies within you. If you want to live a happy and fulfilling life with clarity and purpose, and to bring something special to the world – which I believe you already are! - then I hope this book helps you on your way.

In each chapter, I offer a combination of personal stories and background to the topic, with some recommended resources and some questions to invite you to reflect on what you’ve read. I suggest having a pen and paper handy, and if you like, gather some coloured pens to mind-map and doodle while you learn and discover as the pages unfold.

The idea for this book was inspired by common themes which come up with clients, both individually and at workshops.

  • Resilience

  • Mindful living

  • Growing through change

My passion for these topics led me to write over 60 blogs,  which have had frequent positive responses, so I decided to write it all down in the form of a book which includes a section on each of the topics above. There's also an 'unexpected chapter' about when COVID19 swept the world, experiences of having symptoms myself, and then supporting people through the long-term impact.

The name ‘Roots for growth’ comes from a metaphor that represents my whole-hearted belief that each of us can find what we need from within, if we know how. I imagine strong roots under the surface having a grounding and nourishing effect, drawing on all the resources we need.


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