Roots for Growth Workshop – 21 May 2023


Date: 21 May 2023

Time: 10am – 4pm

Venue: tbc – Linlithgow area

Organisers: Anna Bell Coaching

Would you like to connect with your inner resources, appreciate your personal growth through recent years, and learn and remind yourself of ways to live mindfully for wellbeing, balance, and more of the results you want in life?

Join us for this workshop and you will be supported, inspired, and encouraged by a group of women who are rooting for you! (excuse the pun)

‘Roots for Growth’ is a metaphor for finding what you need within yourself and being able to respond with intention to whatever comes along in life. It’s also the title of my book, podcast, and cards, which aim to uplift and inspire you and help you to connect with what’s important to you.

The impact of unexpected change in the past couple of years has meant we have needed to draw on our inner resources, and in many ways find new ways of living through uncertainty.

I believe this has been an opportunity for personal growth and has showed us the importance of connecting with meaning and purpose, and increased self-awareness. This workshop is a celebration of all that you’re capable of, past, present, and future, and it tailored to your own personal aspirations, values, and purpose.

What will be covered?

- Reflect on where you are now, and what you have learned and appreciated about yourself in recent times

- Explore and be able to respond to challenging emotional states, including the positives you can draw from real-life experiences, and building in recognised mindfulness techniques and philosophy

- Learn ways to connect with uplifting emotions like happiness, joy, compassion, and acceptance, and the fundamental impact on mind, body, and soul

- Understand how the full range of our experiences - and how we respond to them - shapes our current reality and significantly influences the future

- Appreciate your inner resources and how you already have what you need to navigate through life, now and in the future

- Set intentions for the months ahead and reflect on how your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and behaviours align with this to stay resilient and congruent.

Experience coaching, meditations, and development tools which you can use to support yourself afterwards too.

Also included: a follow-up 90-minute group coaching call via Zoom - date tba.

I have over 30 years’ experience in change management, coaching, and people development and it’s my pleasure to bring this to you in a nurturing and enlightening environment… with a healthy dose of challenge and fun built in too!

This and other workshops can be held at your business premises to complement leadership development and wellbeing programmes. Feel free to arrange a chat to discuss your needs.


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