E-book – A to Z of Mindful Living Workbook


  • Connect with ways to live mindfully
  • Discover the difference between regular practice and reflection
  • Invest in self-care and wellbeing
  • Explore what each topic means to you, for deeper self-awareness

In this e-book, I invite you to discover - or re-discover - ways to live mindfully. I offer practical ways to promote personal growth and reflection. Mindful living is a big part of my philosophy on life, and I have studied it extensively including a qualification as a meditation teacher and NLP trainer and coach. 

There are 26 different topics, stories, and prompts set out in a format of 'A to Z'. You might like to go through them one per day or once a week. Or maybe you prefer to read through a few at a time and see what stands out. You can work through them in any order. Topics include abundance, curiosity, saying yes, journalling, and Ikigai.

You might even like to think about any other words that you associate with Mindful Living and write your own reflections about those! 

In each section, I offer questions to support you, and with many topics, there are links to meditations, quotes, blogs, and other resources so you have the option to deepen your experience, if you wish.

Feedback from readers

“Very user-friendly and a nice gentle book. It really makes you stop and think about things you may not have considered before.” Donna M

I loved the concept of this workbook and the A-Z idea.  The design and layout are lovely and have great colours. I really liked the words where you asked the reader more thought-provoking questions. I also thought it was really useful when you added links to other material or your own blogs.” Debbie E

“It’s really easy to use and I like that you've put examples in. It's been nice to take the time to sit with my thoughts, and you can use the workbook over and over when you need it.” Claire H

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