Have you ever felt drawn to do something that makes a difference in your life, but when the time comes to make it a reality, you’ve missed the opportunity?

That’s what happened with us at the beginning of 2020. We began looking for a motorhome just before lockdown, and rapidly put the brakes on (!) when we realised we wouldn’t be going anywhere soon. Not just because of the restrictions, but because I had COVID before lockdown even started. Although I was very unwell at one stage, it has given me a sense of perspective and I feel empowered with choice in how I respond to situations, beyond anything I’ve experienced before.

I still have long-COVID symptoms now and again, and it’s made me even more determined to live life to the full and find a balance that suits our family, including caring for my husband Alan, who has progressive MS (Multiple Sclerosis). It hasn’t been easy adjusting to having ‘flat batteries’ as I call it – sorry, too many motoring puns here! – but we are getting there. I am continuing to learn what works in terms of rest and exercise, and I support my clients with my usual passion and attentiveness. It’s been extremely rewarding to contribute in ways that make a difference throughout the pandemic, using my skills and experience, and even launching my first book called ‘Roots for Growth’. Even while I have been resting, I have received incredible feedback from readers about how they are feeling the benefits from reading it.

Anyway, back to the motorhome. A few days ago I found that I was suddenly full of an inner drive to find one so we could finally go on those adventures we’d dreamed of. I felt very similar to when I wrote about my ‘happy bucket list’ in 2019, which turned out not to be a list at all but instead it was about connecting with a wholehearted attitude to life and having adventures which took us to Canada, the Netherlands, and various places in the UK that year. And my goodness, I’m glad we did!

So, the search stepped up a gear to find our home-on-wheels. Considering our modest budget (relatively speaking – have you seen the price of those things?!) we were looking at motorhomes that were 15-20 years old. Let me tell you, there aren’t many which have come through unscathed by that age! I felt so strongly that we would find an ideal motorhome for us, I said to my husband “I’m on a mission, we’ll have one by the end of the week!”

And we did. By the Friday I was taking my place behind the wheel to drive her home, with Alan beside me in the passenger seat. I had set my mind that I would “Just Do It!” – with no place for any nerves or hesitancy at driving such a large vehicle. I connected with two of the beliefs I’ve learned through NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) which are: ‘If someone can do it, I/anyone can do it’ and ‘You already have within you all the resources you will ever need’.

And it felt so empowering. I enjoyed the journey home, laughed at the Barnard Castle signs we passed (my eyes are fine, by the way 😉 ), and stopped at Jedburgh for a fish supper in the sun.

The next day we got up early and set off for the West Coast, with a couple of stopovers in lovely places with my sister and her family. I felt – and still feel – such a sense of freedom and flexibility to be able to choose where to go… leaving no trace, of course. Scotland has such beautiful scenery, sunsets, sunrises, and I find it breath-taking in all weathers. I love being able to step out somewhere new to welcome the morning, and there’s nothing like a bacon-and-egg roll cooked and eaten outside, in my opinion!

So, who knows what adventures lie ahead? What I do know is, now that we have this available to us, we can “Just Do It” and make many happy memories together. This past year has renewed my ability to be in-the-moment and appreciate the simple things in life.

What choices are you making, having reflected on your recent experiences?

What difference does it make when you “Just Do It”?

I’d love to know.

“Happiness, not in another place but this place…not for another hour but THIS hour.” ~ Walt Whitman

Photo credit & copyright: Anna Bell, Isle of Skye