Plans changed this morning after two clients had to postpone.

My thoughts at first went to my to-do list and what I could/should be getting on with today.

I have also been thinking about messages I’d like to share about this time of year and it’s simply this…

~ create space for yourself ~

As soon as I realised I was going into busy mode and that my mind was preoccupied and my body tense… I took a




It created space and relief instantly.

It can be as simple as a single deep breath, or even better 2 or 3 minutes of breathing space (you can find a guided meditation here). We can use our breath as an antidote to the fight-or-flight reaction and instead restore mind and body to alignment and a healthy state of being.

And even if you don’t think you have time… ESPECIALLY if you don’t think you have time, try it anyway and notice what happens.

One of the ways I challenge myself on that is asking myself whether I could make space by spending a few minutes less on social media. Of course I can!

And when this becomes a regular habit, it really makes a difference over the long term.

The result today is that I treated myself to a wee breakfast out looking over the hills, and I took my dog for a longer walk than usual.

I then came back and had the most productive 90 minutes at my desk that I’ve had in a while.

How can you create space today? And what happens when you do?

PS – If you could benefit from a little bit of self-care each day, my new inspirational cards take just moments to have a look at, and clients are telling me they’re just the lift they’re needing at the moment. The pictures are lovely too, like the one above!