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I have worked with a variety of leaders across different sectors, facilitating sustainable change for individuals, their teams, and the organisation.

Because this approach is focused on the whole person, a strong sense of leadership identity and confidence is established. This helps to build an appreciative and developmental perspective so that the learning continues outside the training room.

1. College in Central Scotland:

Working with Carolyn Murray from Lannair we began with workshops focused on developing a relatively new leadership team to bond together.

We went on to deliver several workshops with a diverse range of leadership and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) techniques, targeted to their emerging needs and applying our depth of experience on the models that would support change and transition.

2. Golden Charter:

Golden Charter is a leading provider of later-life planning in the UK. Unprecedented growth led to the need for the development of newly promoted managers in the Operations team.

A blend of learning methods was delivered through a structured 10-month programme catering to a wide range of experience levels and development needs. This approach was then repeated for another cohort of leaders.

A series of interactive workshops used a combination of tools and techniques including Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Neuroscience, Emotional Intelligence, Clean Language, and Mindfulness. Topics included time management, communication & collaboration, coaching skills, and leading people through change.

“Focusing on strengthening leadership mental fitness, exploring a range of models/techniques as well as their application within our working lives has contributed to effective cohesive development of the team. During conversations, examples of learning undertaken crop up and how they have applied [it] when dealing with situations. Team members are much more aware of patterns of behaviours displayed by others and how to respond appropriately to them. Many in the team are cascading the learning to others who report to them, which I am confident will increase leadership mental fitness across the different areas of the college. A really enjoyable programme.”

– Deputy Principal

“Anna has recently delivered a leadership development programme for our first line managers and their deputies. We worked together to create a tailor-made solution that focused on the needs of the individuals and also aligned with the needs of the business. This was undertaken over a number of months, with Anna coming on site to deliver the sessions as well as undertaking one-to-one coaching. The turnaround in the team has been evident in their interactions with one another and the wider business. Their behaviours now reflect what I expect from leaders in our business.”

– Martin Coia, Head of Operations

"We feel like you’re part of us, rather than delivering TO us. It has been invaluable… a pleasure working with both of you, and we've got a lot out of it.”

– Chief Technology Officer

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