I’m Anna… a mum to two grown-up kids, wife and carer to Alan, and we have a very cute and bouncy labradoodle called Lucy. I love creative hobbies like cooking, baking, art, and music.

My work ranges from one-to-one coaching, training, and workshops, to retreats and leadership development programmes. I’m also an author and speaker.

I work with a whole-person approach in a caring, compassionate, and non-judgmental style.

People tell me they open up to me because they trust me and know they can fully bring themselves into the space.

And you may find there’s laughter, fun, and a bit of challenge as well!

I help women to find space, freedom, and connection so they can live fulfilling and creative lives.

My Story


I left my corporate role to become an independent coach in 2015. My passion for people development had been sparked by working on transformational change projects, where I discovered a fascination for the unique ways people respond to change.

People kept coming back to tell me what a difference my support made to their confidence and resilience … so I listened!

Leaving the financial security of a well-paid job in a large organisation was not an easy move to make, especially being a carer to my husband Alan who was medically retired in 1997 due to MS (Multiple Sclerosis). His diagnosis came three days before we got married.

The challenging experiences I have gone through – and still do – have influenced me to follow my passion and it has brought all sorts of adventures including traveling to India on my own, to train as an NLP Trainer.

The whole experience broadened my horizons and brought life-changing learning and friendships.

I have learned a lot about living in the moment and being true to myself, and I love to share that with my clients.

Your Potential


I believe in you

I believe you have all the resources you need. It’s my privilege to listen, ask questions, and help you to connect with that for yourself.

You are unique

You have a unique blend of gifts, talents, and perspectives. This can contribute something significant to the world, especially when you connect and align with the life you truly want to create. 

I embrace imperfection

It has been quite a journey, and yet perfectionism still pops up from time to time! It has changed my life to find out ways to let go of the ‘shoulds’ and ‘musts’ and wholeheartedly be my imperfect self. I love supporting my clients to do the same.

I believe we can grow through change

Life often presents us with opportunities to learn, even when the situation is not what we would have wished for. It is through these experiences that we find out who we are and what we are capable of.

Our Work Together

I have always appreciated people’s individuality and unique talents, and am passionate about spotting and unlocking potential.

I am committed to lifelong learning and development for myself too.

It comes naturally to me to focus on supporting people to bring out their best and to hold space for them to find their own solutions to overcome challenges and build resilience. 

It feels like a calling, not just ‘a job’. 

Contact me for a complimentary consultation to experience what it’s like to work with me before making a commitment. 

I would highly recommend Anna to anyone. She’s an expert in her field and one of the most approachable, friendly, lovely people I’ve ever met.

Alison Harkins

Director of Limelite Creative

Anna is helping breathe new life into myself and The Gifted Kind’s mission and I couldn’t be more thankful… she has helped me reconnect with everything around me, especially myself.

Genna Masterton

Director of The Gifted Kind


Give yourself the gift of time and allow me to hold space for you to discover new insights, appreciate all you are capable of, and find meaningful ways to apply what you learn.


Open up possibilities and solutions that bring a sense of freedom and choice. Understand the stories you tell yourself and reframe this in line with the outcomes you want.


Connect with who you are at a deep level, focusing on mind, body, and spirit, and get really clear on your purpose to create a sense of alignment and balance.


I work with you to find your creative flow, and use tools and techniques which have benefits in all aspects of life, bringing a sense of connection, renewed energy, and fulfilment.

Start Your Next Chapter Today

Take the first step and you’re on your way. Set up a call to talk about how I can support you.