Executive Coaching

Develop leadership purpose and identity, improve self-awareness and communication skills, transform your impact, and build resilience.

Without being gifted coaching with Anna, I may have gotten lost… and it would have taken me even longer to find my way back. Anna is helping breathe new life into myself and The Gifted Kind’s mission and I couldn’t be more thankful. In a time when I have felt so disconnected, she has helped me reconnect with everything around me, especially myself. There is still a lot of work to do, but Anna is proving to me that my potential exists inside. She is bringing back the identity I need/want to succeed.

Genna Masterton

Director of The Gifted Kind

Enjoy the benefits of working with a highly experienced external coach in a confidential and stretching space, with lasting benefits for you, your team, and the organisation. 

Workplace Coaching that Actually Works


I work ‘from a blank canvas’ with individuals and groups – starting wherever you are – combined with a focus on organisational strategy and alignment. 

With experience working at all levels of the organisation, and across a very broad range of backgrounds, I am well equipped to bring new perspectives and insights, especially when coupled with my extensive experience in change management.

Coaching packages are often dovetailed with programmes for Leadership Development and Team Development. Clients say they value this as a very effective way to facilitate and embed change.

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What Support is Available?


With significant experience leading and managing change, I am well equipped and qualified to support you.

I offer a variety of solutions with a people focus, such as leadership development, culture change, or coaching and mentoring programmes.

My key strength is in spotting and growing potential, by getting really curious and ambitious about what our clients can achieve.

I’ve worked with large organisations, small teams, and individual entrepreneurs from a wide range of professions and sectors.

We will work in close partnership to make detailed plans and provide tailored support to get there.

Case Studies

Here are some examples of tailored events and programmes I have supported clients with. Get in touch today to talk about how I can support you or your team.

Webinars and Workshops

From the very early days of the pandemic, I was involved in a variety of critical support to help individuals and businesses to respond to the significant changes and focus on what’s important.

Mindfulness and Wellbeing Programmes

These programmes introduce mindfulness and meditation to colleagues across the organisation and encourage conversations and action around wellbeing, with links to resources for ongoing support.

Leadership Development Programmes

Through a combination of leadership development workshops and one-to-one coaching, managers gain new skills, confidence, and clarity, and the programme continues to evolve.

Supporting Small Businesses and Social Enterprises

This ongoing project delivers group and individual support for entrepreneurs at various stages of development, focusing on leadership, resilience, and change.

I am massively grateful for the coaching support. I feel it has been a journey that has been challenging, emotional at times, and reflective. I have had to challenge myself as well as being constructively challenged by Anna. I have learned a lot. It was the space and time to have these honest discussions in a supported and non-judgemental way and the suggested tools and techniques from years of experience that allowed me to consider my development through fresh eyes.

– Dr B

“Whether she’s dealing with a room full of nervous would-be networkers, or one-to-one resilience training, Anna delivers her sessions with sincerity, empathy and patience, and even the most resistant of attendees have left her workshops positive and prepared for anything. For those weary of corporate, jargon-filled workshops, Anna presents a refreshing alternative: coaching that actually works.”

– Ray Banks

Transform Your Impact With Sustainable Results

Supporting people from a wide range of professions and sectors has brought home to me how much we have in common as human beings.

We all have strengths and vulnerabilities, challenges and celebrations in our lives.

I use a whole-person approach so you can expect to see significant results in your professional life, and outside work too.

We will work together in a tailored way, focusing on the areas of greatest potential to bring results for you and your organisation. 

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