Find the space and freedom to live a happier and more fulfilling life.

Throughout your life, you will meet people who you feel you were destined to cross paths with, and this is how I feel about Anna.  Her lovely manner and positive outlook make you want to be around her more and more – I smile when I think of her, in fact, I am almost giggling when I write this as that is how experiential working with Anna really is.  She has a stunning ability to pull out the very best in people just by showing them they already have everything they need inside them.

Fiona Dalziel

Intuitive Holistic Therapist

I help women to create the life they want through personal and executive coaching.

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a way of giving yourself space to express yourself and explore what’s important. My role is to listen in an open, compassionate, non-judgemental way, and ask you insightful questions to build clarity, confidence, and understanding. You are empowered to take any actions and decisions, and I believe that you already have your own solutions.

What are the Benefits?

In a very short space of time, you can expect to notice benefits such as increased self-awareness, self-compassion, creativity, feeling ‘lighter’ (that’s the most common feedback I hear!), more like yourself again, and more resilient and confident. New perspectives often come to light which can be transformational. People who work with me often find it easier to communicate clearly and confidently and find that relationships improve.

Personal Coaching

Invest in transformational coaching to help you find space, freedom, and connection so you can live a fulfilling and creative life.

Executive Coaching

Develop leadership purpose and identity, improve self-awareness and communication, transform your impact, and build resilience.

Events and Courses

Browse events where you can develop personally and professionally by working within a facilitated, supportive group.

Feel Lighter and in Flow


In a nutshell, I can help you get to know yourself like never before, sparking inspiration, promoting healing and growth, improving communication and understanding, and feeling lighter and in flow.

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How It Works


Book a 30-Minute FREE Call

It’s a really simple process. We have an initial 30-minute chat to talk about your aims for coaching, and you can ask questions. There is no charge at this stage.

Let's Get Started

If you decide to work with me, we will book in the first session and get started! Each session is 90 minutes.

Follow Up

I recommend we meet 3-6 times to create the results you are looking for. Sessions are usually 3-4 weeks apart depending on what works for you.

Write Your Own Story

What would you like to have happen in the next chapter of your life?

How about connecting with all the valuable life experiences which are part of your story so far?

And what’s important to you right NOW?

Stories are a strong theme in the work I do with clients, finding creative ways to express who you are, and what you’re passionate about.

This could be by exploring your personal metaphors, which are rich in meaning, or by diving into creative activities like writing, doodling, or making something.

And often it’s just creating an open space to talk.

Hello, I’m Anna

I offer personal and workplace coaching online and across Central Scotland.

I work with a whole-person approach in a caring, compassionate, and non-judgmental style.

I attended an NLP course with Anna last year, as well as one-to-one coaching sessions. It's opened up a completely new mindset for me. Anna has taught me various techniques that I can utilise going forward in my own life, in my business, and with others in my close circle. I would highly recommend Anna to anyone. She's an expert in her field and one of the most approachable, friendly, lovely people I've ever met. Thank you so much, Anna.

– Alison Harkins

I completed the NLP Practitioner course in November 2019 with Anna Bell, and have also worked with her one-to-one. Anna holds space to grow and develop people in a way that I have never experienced before. My whole perspective and outlook on work, play and relationships with family and friends have changed for the better and on so many levels. Since completing the course I feel more in control, confident and find it easier to manage interactions with people.

– Trudie Aitken

Roots for Growth

In Roots for Growth, Anna openly shares deeply personal stories about growing through change, resilience, and mindful living.

As well as her tried and tested techniques to bring more of the outcomes you want in life.

You will discover greater self-awareness and the hidden depths of your own strength as you connect with the stories, questions, and activities.

With Anna’s gentle guidance you will feel uplifted to embrace new positive practices and live a more mindful, fulfilled life.


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Start Your Next Chapter Today

Take the first step and you’re on your way. Set up a call to talk about how I can support you.

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